Things I love

Sometimes, you find things that you just want to share with the world. That seems to happen to me a lot, mostly with knowledge, but with items too. So, here is a list of "things" that I wouldn't  necessarily "BLOG" about, but I definitely want to share with you as must haves in my book. 


Manduka Yoga Mat

Just picture it. The heavens are opening, the music is sounding, AHHHHHH, that's pretty much what happens when you use a Manduka mat. They're all good, but my personal fav is the eKO Mat. The thickness is really supportive to my achy writs, and the texture prevents slipping even in the hottest of classes. Worth every penny.  


Under Armour InsuLated Water Bottle

What a life saver this one is! Ok, picture it, 95 degree wedding day, going non stop and I need water to last me all day without getting hot and unbearable to drink. Solution? This guy! It will literally keep your beverage whatever at the temp that it was when you poured it in ALL DAY LONG! Now I do recommend drinking your water around room temperature, but it will keep it ice cold if that's you roll. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 4.57.46 PM.png

Day Designer

When I say this planner changed my life, I really need you to take that as dramatically as you possibly can, because it did! The daily layout keeps me perfectly organized, and the quality of the book overall is just stunning. 


Doterra essential oils

I love Essential Oils. My particular choice of Oil is Doterra. Simply because that was what I was introduced to years ago when the Doterra industry hit the market, and I sincely value the fact that do terra's products are Certified Pure Theraputic Grade. They test every batch to make sure they are 100% pure. I find that incredible. I will frequently be posting topics related to oils and how they can be used. But, if you want to start to poke around, just click below!



For rizzle, the world greatest lunch box. I don't care if your a kid or not, these things are fantastic. They have two different portion designs, and a plethora of colors. The plastic outline on the lid seals off the sections so there aren't spills, and it also helps with portioning what to pack. #greatfind


ESV Single Column Journaling Bible

If you are anything like me, and have to take notes or doodle while your learning, this is a great choice of bible. It has text consuming on one column of the page, and therefore leaves the edges of the page open for writing and drawing. And, the text isn't too


Heather waxman- meditations

Guided meditations are a great way to get your feet wet when it comes to meditating.  Heather Waxman's "Souls Sessions" are a full of positive affirmations that can come in handy whether your meditating or if you just need a brighter, more positive perspective on life. I even think that they are great to listen to in the car, especially when the kiddos are with me. I hope that as they hear these positive affirmations in a subliminal way that it may have even a greater effect on their overall sense of self, than it would coming straight from me. 


5 Year Memory Journal

I think this little guy is genius! Do you wish you journaled? Do you really want to journal but simply don't have the time or even what to put on paper. The prompts throughout this book keep it simple and straightforward. Each day, giving you a thought to remember. And obviously, you can always omit the prompt and say what you feel. And, it compiles over 5 years. 5 years on one page. Imagine the progression of self that will become so apparent. For $10, you can't beat it. 


Electric Ceramic Tea kettle

Anything that allows me to omit the use of a microwave, is a win in my book. I was introduced to these by my dear friend Brynn, and I don't believe I'll ever return to another style tea pot. The water is boiling hot in 3 minutes or less and the ceramic aspect is a win in terms of sanitation.