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Have you ever had the tinkering thought that maybe, just maybe, you would consider homeschooling your child or children? If so, you're in the right spot. When my daughter Camilla was about 2 years old I began to worry about what I would do for her in terms of education. I knew that I didn't need to put her in pre-school necessarily, which is what led us to enrolling her in Montessori a couple of days a week. Through Montessori she has learned so much about life-skills and working independently.  Beyond that, I knew I really didn't want her to go to public school. I also didn't know if I could possibly be a homeschooling mom, because, where would I even start? It felt so intimidating. Then, I found Classical Conversations, and I quickly learned that I could in fact home school Camilla, and in such a way that it benefits my whole family. 


So what is Classical Conversations?

Classical Conversations is a homeschooling curriculum that is Classical in it’s method, and Christian in it’s world view.

Beyond being a curriculum, it is also a community. For 24 weeks between Fall and Spring, we meet once a week for community day. For the Uniontown Community this will be on Tuesday’s at Cherry Tree Alliance Church.  And, we schedule break weeks periodically throughout the “school year”. Parents are required to attend community day with their children.

  • For children ages 4-11 , We meet for class from 9-12, and then it is optional to stay for lunch and recess. During that time we review the weeks memory work, which is considered our grammar, as well as do a science project or experiment and practice fine arts which includes drawing, tin whistle, painting and orchestra.

  • For children ages 9-11 , they meet in the morning as well as from 1-3 pm for further investigation into the world of Language Arts and Math.

Learn more about the community day structure here!

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The classical model is based on the three stages of learning that coincide with a child’s cognitive development, known as the “Trivium”. The three parts of the trivium are Grammar, Dialectic, and Rhetoric.

  • The Grammar stage typically corresponds to the period from infancy to the end of elementary school. This is when children are like sponges, and can absorb lots of information, and almost act like a poll parrot, repeating it back. During this stage we are focusing on exposing our children to lots of ideas, words, and facts. In the CC curriculum, we go through 3 cycles of information, Next year we will begin cycle 1. The following year, cycle 2, and the next cycle, 3. THEN, we will loop back around to cycle 1. So, many students are exposed to all 3 cycles twice by the end of their grammar stage. This means that these facts are firmly ingrained in their being. Additionally, we repeat some parts of each cycle year after year. I would be happy to explain this further at an information meeting, or over the phone if you like!

  • The Dialectic stage refers to logic, which occurs in the middle school years and it is during this stage that students dialog more. They ask why, they dispute, they form strong opinions.

  • The Rhetoric stage refers to their High School years and this is when students should be able to communicate and express themselves fluently. They should understand facts so well that they can teach the material themselves.


I want to also make a note regarding memory work; the core information of each cycle. For our weekly  memory work, children are encouraged to memorize an interesting fact from each subject area. The subject areas include Geography, History, Science, English Grammar, Math, Latin and the Timeline. With this content alone, you have the core of your homeschooling curriculum. All other avenues of learning, such as copy work, comprehension, spelling, reading are literally able to branch off of these because the subjects are so beautifully intertwined and centered around God, the creator of all things. 

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Want to know more? 

If you are interested in learning more about the Classical Model of Education, or, if you would like to talk more about whether or not this is the best fit for your family please don't hesitate to reach out. I am happy to answer any questions you might have.  Even if you are a parent of a child  in public school, you could still partake in many of the ideas and concepts that are offered through this model of learning which would benefit your child tremendously.  

If you LOVE to read like I do, I highly recommend reading The Core! It was most helpful for me, on this journey!


If you would like more information please contact me or  join us for an info meeting . If you would like an application to join our Uniontown Campus just let me know!


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